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Each mama’s journey to motherhood is different.  I must admit rewinding back 5 years when we started trying for Sienna, I had no idea what to expect but I was certain that once I stopped the pill I would fall pregnant. How wrong was I!

I remember calling my mum and saying ‘why didn’t you tell me I only have a 3 day window each month’ and she laughed at thought of me being so naive to think it would happen just like that.

After 3 months of trying (which felt like an eternity) I made an appointment for Tom and I to visit our GP..I still remember the smile on his face as he sent us on our way and told us to keep trying!

It took 12 months before I fell pregnant with Sienna – 12 months of making Tom eat goji berries and every other superfood I read about or came across that would ‘increase’ our chances and help us on our parenthood journey.

I even drank fertility tea and a girlfriend bought me the maybe baby ovulation kit.

It was a Sunday morning and I woke up feeling different, I knew I still had a few pregnancy tests in the bathroom from the previous month.  Tom was still sleeping so I went into the bathroom and took the test – instantly it came up ‘2-3 weeks pregnant’ ..I literally skipped out of the bathroom and woke Tom up..pushing the test in his face.

I was so lucky with both pregnancies and never suffered morning sickness and had relatively enjoyable pregnancies.

The night before Sienna was born, I started having pains at 6pm..I had no idea it was labour..I know right??

I facetimed my sisters in the UK who were driving to Dublin to take my nieces to a Justin Bieber concert and I had literally only got the words out of my mouth.. ‘I have a really sore …’ and they both shouted ‘ Oh my god you’re in labour..quick pull over the car’.

So I called the hospital and they told me to get into the bath and start timing contractions..poor Tom was sitting with a coffee in one hand and  note pad in the other timing my contractions.

We headed to the hospital at midnight and when we got there everything just seemed to stop and Sienna was in no rush to come out.  I was induced in 7am and I remember attempting to make my way to the bathroom and the water kept coming..I screamed at Tom ‘don’t look at me I don’t want you to see this’ and his reaction was priceless..’Ash I’m your husband!’.

I had to have an epidural around 10am and I remember the anaesthetist telling me he had been doing this for 20 years and the needle would go in first time.  As  I had my head in the pillow, I happened to glance as Tom and he had literally gone grey!

The doctor came face to face to with me and said ‘for the first time in my career I am going to have admit defeat after 10 attempts and call the help of a colleague’.  Somehow, I managed to stay in the zone and literally within 30 mins this glamourous doctor arrived and I could overhear her talking to Tom, trying to distract him.  Bless her, she had been hosting a lunch and was on call on left her guests to come to my rescue..superwoman or what!

She said to me ‘Ash what is your favourite drink?’  to which I replied ‘ A cold glass of Sauv B’ and she said ‘ ok, well just imagine this is cold Sauv B all over your back’ and just like that she had managed to insert the needle’ took the gas away from me (Tom told me afterwards I was literally groaning with it) and then she was gone.

The next several hours I seemed to drift in and out of sleep and then I woke at 4.30pm to be told they needed to get Sienna out and I was having an emergency caesarean.

By 5.00pm a team was called in and I was told we would be parents by 5.30pm!  Everything was so accurate.

Everything went silent and then as soon as I could hear that first cry I knew we had just become three – it was surreal.  I even remember to team talking about their plans later that night.

The adrenalin kicked in and my body started trembling, I could hear the doctor talking to Tom saying that as soon as Sienna was delivered safely they would give me something to stop the shaking.  It got so bad we literally couldn’t do skin to skin initially so Tom took Sienna whilst they brought me into recovery.

The doctors were amazing and I they said ‘ see you again in 18 months with a brother or sister’!

At the time I thought they there crazy!  But fast forward 18 months and I’m on my way to the office and I can’t explain it but I just had an inkling I was pregnant which seemed crazy as we hadn’t been ‘trying trying’  but just ‘see what happens trying’ as it took so long with Sienna.

I bought the double pack of ClearBlue digital and heading for the toilets as soon as I got to the office.  Shaking, the little hourglass kept spinning and then an open book appeared!  So I googled what that meant ..I hadn’t peed on the stick for long enough!!

Back to my desk and I literally couldn’t contain myself so I grabbed the other test and straight back to the toilets..second time lucky and there it was looking back at me ‘2-3 weeks pregnant’.  What a Christmas present that was.

I was blessed to have the same Doctors again and the experience was so different with Rocky as I chose an elective caesarean from the beginning.

I still remember the drive to the hospital, Tom and I were so nervous and I was gowned up and brought to theatre at 6.30am and it all went to plan. Rocky made his appearance into the world just after 7am peeing over us all…what an entrance!  Everyone kept commenting on the size of cheeks, his tan skin and dark hair.  He is white blonde now and still has those big cheeks.

I had midwives coming and going for the rest of the week just to see ‘those cheeks’.

And just like our family was complete.


Monochrome Mum x